November 22, 2010

November riding

Last weekend was just perfect: Oradea's basketball team won in a tight game on saturday, it was nice to cheer for them. Than Sunday i went together with some Velosport riders on a trip to Padis. Unbelievable that in november you could ride in 10-15 C'. Just a fine sunday for riding the bike. Superb, almost speechless. I'll try to gather some thoughts about the trip. We didn't started too early, so the weather was already warm ... for November. We left Oradea at 11 am. After a 1,5 hour trip, we started from Pietroasa. A few minutes  we prepared ourselfs and fooled around with the guys as you can see on the pictures. Then we headed to Padis. I won't tell any deatails about the weather, its unnecessary, too beatiful, a fellow blogger went swimming for example. So we started and went on together most of the track, we took a lot of pictures, you just cant resist the sight. The track was surely somewhere else, not in this country, because a paved track like this(?), maybe it was a highway in construction phase, would be more credible. So we went on in the sunny weather till the "Bruce Lee" camping, then we took a left turn and  went to Glavoi. This was the technical section of the day. Rocky section, river crossing, steep climb, just the way i like. Thenafter we stopped at Glavoi, cleaned our spds, enjoyed our sandwiches and chocolate-bars and went back. We quipped the windstopper gear, it got chilly, and 16km downhills its way better than without. I was happy to ride in November in such a great weather. Hope to have a quick winter! 
This was all about last weekend, took me a week to write it, yet no gps map but maybe some other time, when i buy be some!
Pedal, pedal, pedal....!!!!

November 8, 2010

Mars of Mars's

This weekend i decided to do something different, or to do something but differently like usual. So, took my dog and went to Cj. I met up with D. from Velosport, who came also to Cj, he was visiting family. All along the past week i was planning this fun race. The arrival was ok, not to mention the train-delay of 30 min's, but this is how its done here. After arriving we headed to my sister to meet up with her and 2 of my friends, M. and G-man. G-man borrowed his bike for this race, and made one of my dream projects come true: to participate on an MTB-race with a rigid-fork+frame bike. Thanks to the race staff that they made an easy track, without to much stone or rocky sections. I wont describe the bike, let the pictures talk. First the ladies started and made 2 laps, thenafter we had our start with bit delay. I didn't expect so many riders to come. The race wasnt difficult at all, it was fun, all parts of the course. It was a walk in the park, still i couldn't resist to push a bit harder to see myself a bit racing. Had some problems with the bike, 'cause i couldn't shift gears, so i had to push the bike on the steepest part. I managed to finish the race in one piece ... the bike also, thanks again G-man. After the race we had the usual festival-meal, meat-beer-wine-bread-onion(red). It was nice to be there, good weather, good people in the mood for riding.
Thanks XCBikers, MarosSport, Eli and see you next time.
Oooh, and im now officialy a martian who pedals:D

September 29, 2010

Marossport MTB Marathon 2010

Finally, a great weekend. For two weeks i watched the weather-sites, hoping that Marossport Marathon will stay dry. Asked a lot of people for their opinion if they'll go or not in case of rain. No one wanted to. So i prayed and prayed the last days for good weather. One week before the race I asked the guys from Velosport if they could take me to Gilau cause i had no ride and nobody knew if they would come. So they agreed as they were also prepared and decided to race. We went one day before to Huedin, to rest ourselfs for the race. All evening, and almost all night long we were on the web watching weather forecasts. We were optimistic.....a bit. After fooling around, we went to sleep before midnight. In the morning...the shock: wet outside!!!!. A shower during the night......well that could mess up things. Wtf? we're goin whatever it takes, we'll see how the weather changes on sight. At 8 and something AM we've arrived at the check-in, took the numbers and prepared the bikes for race. We had an hour to warm up so we crruised around a bit raising our heartbeat. Btw. i didn't had a heartrate monitor. The start was separate for elite 80 km, and hobby 80km and those for the 50km open race. I was starting in the 50. We've waited 15 minutes for the start but at least i could take a yellow:D. 10:15 - took a good start, went off with the first 5 or 6 riders. Than the first climb came, and probably lot of hobby-riders didn't knew that this will last about 13 kms and tried to pull themselfs in front so it was a bit crowded in the first 4-5 km. I maintained my rythm, so i climbed quite good the 13 kms went over like no-time. The first CheckPoint came and i passed by. Let some riders behind,so i went after a girl for a while (she won 1st place in her category). In the new section of the race i went in front of her. This new section was awesome, so the climbing part as the downhill section, my respects to Eli. Good choice man!! Please keep it for next year to cause i enjoyed it, its so technical so awesome. All the way down one song came in my mind, the one from AC/DC-Highway to hell. Hell of a ride it was. Next part, the track separation for those on the 80 and for those on the 50 track. A heavy climb i say, but maybe cause i was tired already. No problem, took my bike on my back and went on like that to rest myself a bit. After a few kms the girl appeared once again. So i tried to raise the rythm as long as possible. Went good till the top of the climb. After tha downhill section again, just wonderful. So i went down like crazy, slipping from one corner to another. Before the race i put my brake levers inside the shifters, so i could grab the lever with only one finger. It was a great change, more stability on the handlebar and you can brake with one finger damn good. I had to stop twice for 5 second to rest my palms cause i barely could hold the handlebar. My fork was without a poplock or lockout so it was a bit stiff. Arrived to the first asphalt-section, managed to rest myself a bit more, shaked my hands, drank and looked after the bike if it was ok. Lucky me, the 2nd CP after the asphalt was just seconds far. Took a banana and some energizing drink and went off. The hardest section of the race it had to come. The "Pape" climbing. The pro's do it on bike, some of the trained amateurs also. I was about 50-50,or something,  cause i ran out of fuel and my camelbak was almost empty and couldn't drink. I pushed  and carried the bike, i felt a bit dizzy,  but pulled myself together and tryied to hold on. (No more race without a heartrate monitor). The girl arrived again and passed by, some other riders also. I took the last drops out of my camelback and went off strong cause i knew it wasnt much till the end, and so it was. The next downhill section was gorgeus,  it felt wonderful, no rocks or roots. So i rested a bit for the finish. The 3rd CP after a short asphalt was just in the best position possible, stopped there, fixed my rear wheel took an orange, drank a bit and went off like crazy. This part was like last year, just on my Little uphills, little downhils. Than the hardest part of the race,  one last climb. I did it on bike, without the last part, when the track enters the forest cause i had a cramp in my right foot. So i ran along the bike. After the climbing jumped up the bike and pedaled till the finish. I managed to take over on last rider and that made me pedal even faster. I looked back and two riders pedalled after me like hell, so tried to mantain my position, not that it would count but hey! its a race. The girl finished before me, with 35 seconds advantage so i was to lazy in this race. Alltogether it was a good race, a fun race and also a hard race cause a girl got injured and was taken to the hospital, and lot of riders got small injuries. The girl is ok by now. She was one of my friends girlfriend, Andras. Though the forecast it rained just after i came in the finish, and those who were on the big track had part of it, a lot. I wood like to participate every year at the MAROSSPORT MTB MARATHON, so guys keep up the good work. Thanks to Velosport for the ride to Gilau, thanks to Andras for coming and bringing my girlfriend with you, thanks girl for beeing my n'1 supporter. Congratulation to all who have started and managed to finish, to those who won and to those will come back next year to try it again. Prepare yourselfs :D
P.S.: Btw. I finished 15th in my category and 36th in overall.

September 23, 2010

Critical Mass 22.09.2010

Twice in a year we have demonstration on bikes. Here the second one: Nagyvarad-Critical-Mass-Oradea

Trial JAM Oradea

As i couldn't make it, i borrowed some pictures from a friend. Here they are:
Click on the picture if you want to see it large!
Thanks to Andras!

September 17, 2010

A little bit of add

They promised 10 stickers for this add. I like stickers, so let see if they'll keep their promise. Click over the banner maybe you'll see some stickers for your taste:D

September 11, 2010

Bike Trials 8 - Oradea

New event in town!! For bike trial fans and not only. Will go to take some photos and to see some action. I'll be back with pictures :D, and btw. here's the event-link  - Bike Trials 8

September 1, 2010

September the best

     It's on!!!!! September is here. My favorite month of the year. Two reasons for that: i was born in September and MBM is in September also :D. But if i think a  bit more, my nephew was born in September, some of my best friends also, the weather is warm enough to wear short pants, to stay out in the nature all day long without being fried, and the color of the forests is the best in autumn. This really is my month, i don't know why, i just feel better in this period of the year, mentally and physically also.  Yesterday i put a new page in my blog with the name "[To-pics]", it contains links to some interesting old school bikes but other stuff will come to. Access it and btw. don'ft forget to access the MBM logo and banner. Thanks, and have a nice September ride!

August 17, 2010

Acces the link!!!

Hello my friendly guest who accidentally -or not- arrived here!
Here is what i propose to you, you are just one click away to find out what will happen on the 26th of September in the Romanian MTB-World.
Put your mouse-cursor on the banner below, make the click and you will help me by not giving me any money or any subscribing to don't know what kind of websites.
Feel free to experience the racer in you! Enjoy my blog, hope to see you someday on the track!!!! ....and btw. THANKS! 

Maros Bike Marathon

August 16, 2010

Two lake roundtrip

Ride-Track : Valea Iadului(Coada Lacului - Vila Sanda) - Piatra Bulzului - Valea Leşu - Remeţi - Valea Bisericii - Dealul Caprei - Baraj Drăgan - Valea Drăganului - Canton Ciripa - Vârful Cornul Munţilor - Şaua Bohodei - Vârful Poienii - Şaua Băiţa - Valea Iadului
Length : 95 km
Level difference : +2200m
Maximum altitude points Szegelet-havas (Cornul Munţilor) 1627m, Mező-havas (Vf. Poienii) 1625m, Kopott Csapás-nyereg (Şaua Cumpănăţelul) 1640m
After two weeks i decided to write finally. Long time since the ride trip, but i can remember the key moments to tell about. We left the city at 6 in the morning, made a lot of pictures about the sunrise, just love to take pictures in the morning. 3 of us arrived Saturday, the rest of the gang was already there, T. his daughter and the boys from Debrecen.After assembling the bike we took off instantly. The first climb started with bike-pushing, lots of trees on the trail because of the lately storms. After this pushed the bikes upside in steep hill, then after we arrived at a terrace  from where we made some good panorama shots and had our first meal, a cornbread-sandwich. 5 minutes after we had our first downhill section, it was fun with my kona coilair, although it was a short part. The forest track was next so nothing special about this, just being out in the nature and enjoying the ride and car-noiseless nature. From Remeti we took our journey towards the Dragan-dam but before that we took a left turn to Valea Bisericii and the Dealul Caprei. Forest track, nature, animals, fountains bike-pushing everything what you need for a great weekend. After Dragan-Dam we went to Canton Ciripa and the hardest part of the trip just started. A lot of bike pushing, carrying. My 15,5 kg bike just slowed me down and sucked all the energy out of me so i was done for the rest of the day. From here on i was turned into a riding zombie. The rain started, i woke up, and then a storm came and knocked me out totally so i was back in zombie. I remained like this till the end. All together it was a wonderful sightseeing trip in the nature but i wont be back soon, at least not with a bike, a heavy bike.
Here some pictures, maybe i'll post a video from last, but i have to find it first. 

July 15, 2010

My rear-derailleur after Medias Marathon

Recently i've found the pictures on my pc, cleaning the derailleur from mud. What a mess!

July 2, 2010

Following races

Here are some races for the rest of the season, i've made a schedule for the rest of the races. For those who want to see or meet me(nobody.....yet., i think:D). Maybe some of them interfere but i'll try to pick the right one. See you on sight.
 Arges Summer Race 10 07 2010
Surmont MTB Challenge 17 - 18 07 2010
Maratonul Muscelului 18 07 2010

BANAT MTB Marathon 8 august 2010
Carpathian Adventure 11 - 15 august 2010
Maraton  Harghita Bai 22 august 2010

For further information consult the Romanian race calendar. Thanks for visiting.  

Baia Mare Marathon - change of plans

Still couldn't put the bike together. Missing the gear hanger. Its hard to find. I will get a pair only in the end of the month. This isn't the real reason for not going to the marathon.  Other thing came in picture and i have to work in the weekend to, so i skip this race. I was really into it, so i kinda regret it but this is life, you never know what happens next. I'll do some freeride hustlin' in the weekend maybe i will run or jog to keep me fit for this weekend. Now days i have time for my Kona, so im doing technical trainig. Maybe i can show my skills in some XCO races in the future. Till than marathons over marathons. Ooooh and there is the event of events, the Maros Marathon. My favorite race of the year, cause it was my first, my first true love. I already attended and i'm practicing hard as i can to be better than last year. So this is it with this race. Thats life, if your not pro-rider you have to make it on your own, everything, sponsor, coaching etc. I'm not complaining, i like it rough :D
Till next race.

June 28, 2010

"Muddyeval" Marathon Medias 2010

It took i wile for gathering my thoughts about the Medias race. A lot of impressions circled in my mind after that muddy race. After getting there at  6 in the morning i waited 2 hours for the arrival of the officials. Then i  called Dan to bring my bike and until his arrivel i walked a bit around the courts to see the litle bike expo. Meanwhile i talked to other racers also about the prognose and opinion about the race. So Dan came, brought my RAM, i put it together, ran a bit wit it to see if everything's working. "Magnifico", i thought the gearshifters went well the brakes were okay, so i was ready for race. I said good bye to Dan and went to the other racers from Oradea, the Velo Sport riders. - Thanks guys for bringin me home!- Did my warm up and went to the start line. I started from the second line, lucky me! Before the start we had some medieval entertainment, with knights and bikes. 10...9...8...7.....3...2...1, Start. Went off, took a city tour about 3 km's. After that a massive climb with mud. Were in the first 20-30 riders. I was fallin back a bit cause of the mud.  My 1.9 wheels were like 2.4-2.6. I was tryin to keep my pulse at a normal level, and not to force at the begining but was hardheaded and pushed and pushed, passed by the first CP and kept on goin. There were sections were i had to push cause of the mud, but made it trough and went on. At second CP i stopped for water and to cool off my legs a bit. Had a very dirty section after that, i was just pedallin and pedallin, never cleaned the bike. After CP 3 the bike took its revenge. My gearhanger broke along with my chain. I had the hardest climb in a front of  me, 3 km of mountiiiiiin climbing . No chain no gear. Didn't want to quit so i decided to push the bike and run with it till the end. I lost a lot of time and places but finishing was my second goal, i mean Plan B. After the climb i got up the bike and went downhill. After the downhill section i had about 3km to the finish so i ran along the bike, sometimes got up the bike with on foot and pushed it with a leg, really painful. Well i arrived in the city and  ran into the finish. My cramps just killed my legs, so i stoped and laid down. I came at 39th place in my category and 93th in overall from 283 racers. Well, better luck next year, till then prepare myself for the next race.
In the right you can see a slideshow with some pictures from the race.=> => => => => => => => => =>

June 23, 2010

On the road part II

22:05, i did the track profile on a piece of paper, at 23:09 i was already in bed. 1:50 am, wake up call. Ate a banana, washed my face, brushed my teeth, called a cab and went to the train station. Took the ticket got up the train. No sleep on the train. 6.07 am the train arrived at Medias. The weather was awful, rain, that means mud on the track.
At the train station saw a biker with a bike, thought to stop him. He was a 19 year old boy from Resita, a rider with licence, Dani C. was his name. He didn't knew the start location so i helped him out, we had 2 hours till the officials arrival so we talked about past present and future and about mountain biking. I really admired him as he was 19 year old and already sponsored, and contracted to a club. Respect man. In this country you hardly can make it till here. I think he's a promising rider, he later confirmed my assumption and came in 2nd place. So the hours went by, we took a nap about 5 minutes. After we got up the sun came out and the weather turn in to summer. Dan brought me my bike. Thank you again. I assembled it and took my warm up laps up and down the streets.

June 18, 2010

On the road to Medias Marathon

         I took a day off from work to prepare myself for the road and race at Medias. 3 p.m. we left  Oradea with a friend (Joco) of mine who took me almost to Cluj. After he left me 40 km before Cluj i stood on the road with my luggage and hoped to stop a car who will take me to Cluj. Well after 20 minutes waiting a minibus took me safely to Cluj. I met my sister and nephew and my mother also. After a walk with them in the park we came home at my sister, in the hope to take a short  a nap, cause my train will leave at 2:37 am to Medias.
I want to thank Dan, who transported my bike from Oradea to Medias, and he did the registration also, thanks man.
Tomorrow: Medias Mediavel Marathon

June 16, 2010

First time in Romania

This weekend took place the first Extreme-Triathlon race in Romania. It had to happen in Oradea. 3800 m swimming, 180km cycling and 42 running. Well i didn't participated, i was just a simple spectator,... lucky me. It was hot on Saturday, all day long, the cyclists had the toughest part of the race, and those who competed in the individual category were in the toughest situation. I saw the start of the swimming and the first finisher, a 22 year old skiny guy who later won the race(the "save the animals" guy). I took some pictures about the bikes, swimmers, cyclists. After that, i went to the finish line to wait for the cyclists. Well the skinny guy came first. No wonder, i think he was the only professional in the individual category. Some teams had, pro members, like swimmers, or runners, but this guy beat them all. He had a girlfriend, with her together they ran the marathon. I stood there and helped the runners, cheered for them and i also gave them water, oranges and what they needed from the supply table. Alltogether it was a fun day, all my respects to the competitors who took part of this event. Till next year. Here some of my shots.