April 26, 2010

XCO Maros '10 - Results

I'm over it, and i'm safe. For my second XCO race, thats not to bad. I came 16th in my category(Amateur 19-29) and for that i got 10 RGP(Romanian Grand-Prix) points. 

After exploring the track on Saturday, i didn't had any hopes to finish the race in one peace, but i made it. Made through all the difficult parts except the "the Big Ditch"(see lower post picture). My worst nightmare was my ride, my adrenalin level was so high i didn't saw my rear wheel coming out of its position, so i made my last track with my rear wheal brake-disc caught-in, (i wondered why the uphill u-turns were that difficult). After our race the Professionals came in action and showed the crowd how its really done. I was glad to see them racing cause i know how far i am from their level.  All together i had fun and got some race experience. Thanks at the guys from Maros for the organisation, thanx for my friends for cheerin' me, thanks for the photos to. See you next race!

April 22, 2010

Another race in May

Here's a local race. A 270 km long distance and a time limit of 22 hours. Pretty heavy for one day, so gonna prepair myself for it. Two riders will make a team, i will start with an old friend of mine, Peter, a long distance specialist. Hope to survive:D Till then Maros XCO at Cluj and todays Critical Mass demonstration.

April 20, 2010

Weekend trip(pin')

Sunday, i had a 195  km trip on asphalt. Kind of boring and annoying it was the view rewarded everything.We had a nice Sunday for ridin. Here are some pictures, and the full trip-blog i'll post it in the Trip section.

April 12, 2010

Maros XCO track-visit at Cluj

Saturday i had a trip to Cluj. I took my bike hoping that i can test the XCO track. Well... Saturday just wasn't that day. Rain all day long, wet wet and wet it was, so Ely called it off. So i had a free Saturday with my family and friend Max. Sunday Ely called, to meet up and and to explore the track, on foot. Two more riders joined, Vlad and Tudor from the team Maros-Sport. Ely brought some tools to clean the track so i had the chance to do something useful .... at least i hope so. It was fun to see the track and in the same time challenging because of the mud. We had some entertainment to, Vlad cheered us up with his jokes and building ideas. I'm glad that i saw how they made the track. All together it was a busy sunday, nice experience, hope to test the track with my bike before the race.

April 6, 2010

Promo for the XCO race on the 25th. April

Promo: Maros Bike XCO Cup 2010 - UCI C2 from Elisei Miron on Vimeo.

Maros Bike XCO Cup

The guys from Maros Sport Cluj organising an XCO race. Hope to meet some known faces.