August 16, 2010

Two lake roundtrip

Ride-Track : Valea Iadului(Coada Lacului - Vila Sanda) - Piatra Bulzului - Valea Leşu - Remeţi - Valea Bisericii - Dealul Caprei - Baraj Drăgan - Valea Drăganului - Canton Ciripa - Vârful Cornul Munţilor - Şaua Bohodei - Vârful Poienii - Şaua Băiţa - Valea Iadului
Length : 95 km
Level difference : +2200m
Maximum altitude points Szegelet-havas (Cornul Munţilor) 1627m, Mező-havas (Vf. Poienii) 1625m, Kopott Csapás-nyereg (Şaua Cumpănăţelul) 1640m
After two weeks i decided to write finally. Long time since the ride trip, but i can remember the key moments to tell about. We left the city at 6 in the morning, made a lot of pictures about the sunrise, just love to take pictures in the morning. 3 of us arrived Saturday, the rest of the gang was already there, T. his daughter and the boys from Debrecen.After assembling the bike we took off instantly. The first climb started with bike-pushing, lots of trees on the trail because of the lately storms. After this pushed the bikes upside in steep hill, then after we arrived at a terrace  from where we made some good panorama shots and had our first meal, a cornbread-sandwich. 5 minutes after we had our first downhill section, it was fun with my kona coilair, although it was a short part. The forest track was next so nothing special about this, just being out in the nature and enjoying the ride and car-noiseless nature. From Remeti we took our journey towards the Dragan-dam but before that we took a left turn to Valea Bisericii and the Dealul Caprei. Forest track, nature, animals, fountains bike-pushing everything what you need for a great weekend. After Dragan-Dam we went to Canton Ciripa and the hardest part of the trip just started. A lot of bike pushing, carrying. My 15,5 kg bike just slowed me down and sucked all the energy out of me so i was done for the rest of the day. From here on i was turned into a riding zombie. The rain started, i woke up, and then a storm came and knocked me out totally so i was back in zombie. I remained like this till the end. All together it was a wonderful sightseeing trip in the nature but i wont be back soon, at least not with a bike, a heavy bike.
Here some pictures, maybe i'll post a video from last, but i have to find it first. 

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