October 5, 2012

Only fixys make it to the cinemas

Been recently to the movies. Watched the "Premium Rush" movie, what the hell? As biker it's a should or a must. Nice catchy trailer, so called some biker friend and went straight to watch this Hollywood flick.
Movie begins, with an "arc poetica" of a NY bike courier and then action and some blablabla. Not even a sort story of the rider. Lot of locating effects, too much - my opinion. Smartphone commercial, car commercial, and some other bull shittin' but actually no bike brand visible, only a carbon Parlee shown a few times. Well the action went on, kamikaze fixy-biker fighting for his life with a corrupt cop on the streets of NY. To few biker skills shown, some skid moves, jumping some fences and for 2 minutes Danny Mac' appears to show up his stunt skills as an actor-double. Well the movie wasn't that bad, i think it was a bit naive but nicely put on the silver screen. The story was okay, the special effects could be better, acting was pretty cool so its a once to watch movie. If you really want to watch a fixy movie you should watch the cooler and classical "Quicksilver" with Kevin Bacon and Laurence Fishburne. Same motives, white guy-fixy biker/black guy rides roadbike with gears.
Here are the trailers, have fun watchin it:

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