March 4, 2013

BringaExpo 2013 Budapest

Every year i try to get to the bike exposition in Budapest(HU). This year wasn't different. I went to Budapest with my new team-mates from INTERTEAM, so i can call it also a minor team building session. The guys took me from Oradea in the morning, and went right to Budapest. We've arrived quite in time to look around, and talk to some guys  from different brands. I managed to talk with the hungarian representative of my bike sponsor, KROSS. Soon i will have the factory bike in my hands, the B9 model. As we went on we took a good look at some old retro bikes too. They were more exotic in appearance than the new flashy carbon-rides.
Can't say that it was the best bike expo but some brand did a nice job and presented their bikes and accesories/parts very nicely. Hope to visit some day an international expo to. Till then i'm riding.
And for the finish here are two of my favorite bikes from the expo.

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