April 3, 2013

Amateur athlete licence

After 10 years i'm officially an athlete again. Amateur, but with license. After practicing basketball for about 12 years, i have once again an athlete license. It took 10 years to change the profile:D. But i never forget were a started, and the people that i played with, the friends. A lot of my friendships are based on this sport so i'm very thankful for that. I still love basketball, it made me who i am today.
 I hope to be a good ambassador for this sport, called mountain-biking. I found my peace, my goals, my happiness, my challenges in cycling. I love to travel, i love to train, i love to race, i love the crowd and love the people in the cycling scene...well at least most of them. The cycling scene in Romania is now changing, so i took the chance and made some changes to, i requested the licence for amateur riders, as i wish to go further, to take bigger challenges, and to race also in an organized way. This way i think, that i could help the future generations. 
It was not hard to obtain the licence, so i suggest to all my cycling-friends who are racing to go for it, so maybe we can have our own league, our own statistic and maybe some of us could turn pro some day, at least the young ones. Maybe there are some other benefits to, right now im happy to be officially an athlete, again.
Train hard, ride hard...and a lot!
P.S.: probably not the best picture but, who gives a damn:D

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