May 25, 2010

The Kezdimaraton

After the IBO race last weekend this was an iron to. Actually it was a water-mud-mtb-adventure. I signed for the 40 km track... for my luck after, i heard what happened with those on the long track. I'll try to describe my race as short as possible.
I participated with a freeride fully(Kona Coilair) cause my other bike was broke down after IBO. I hoped that i could finish a maraton race with this one to. Changed the 2.40 tires on 2.0 to have a lighter bike, well it was lighter, all together 15kg, not a race weight for marathon bike.
"U can do it", thought before the start. Took some energizers...after we started.
I took a great start, was on the front for about 100-150 meters, tried to maintain myself close
the leaders, i knew my chances with this bike.....none. In the city on the asphalt got myself wet as possible. After that we came to the climbing part. Well the pictures tell everything. I haven't stopped by the checkpoint to win some minutes. I never did downhilli' in mud, lucky me that i was with my Kona...i had so much fun, mud between my teeth. The rest of the race is history, i let the pictures talk. I don't know in which place i came cause the officials didn't communicated yet. By the finish my girlfriend waited for me as a true winner. Again thank u girl.
Thanks to Sorin with the Cube-bike for oiling my chain, see ya next race.
All together a wild rice with wild weather and wild racers.

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