May 17, 2010

Iron Bike Disappointment

On Saturday, the 15th of may........ big disappointment. I started on an extreme mtb race near Oradea, called Iron Bike Oradea, the first of this kind in the country as far as i know. I had as teammate my old friend, Pete. We had some problems right after the start as Pete's water-bottle felt off. Then after we just went behind the group in the dark. After 15 km of asphalt we arrived on the paved terrain and finally reached the first checkpoint. After a few meters from the Checkpoint my chain broke. No problem! I got the right tool for that, (Zozo thanks a lot) and after 4-5 minutes of struggling  with the chain, we managed to continue. After pedaling 2km up in a village, i had the biggest technical failure in my cyclist history, my gear hanger broke with my chain, downhills, i don't get it. Maybe because of the mud Couldn't do much after that, Pete pulled me into Check point 2 and we waited there for the rescue car to take us home. 52 km, thats all we did pedaling, pushing and pulling. For the end here are some tough riders, the last 12 km's pedaling on the naked rim, and they took the 3 place.

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