July 2, 2010

Baia Mare Marathon - change of plans

Still couldn't put the bike together. Missing the gear hanger. Its hard to find. I will get a pair only in the end of the month. This isn't the real reason for not going to the marathon.  Other thing came in picture and i have to work in the weekend to, so i skip this race. I was really into it, so i kinda regret it but this is life, you never know what happens next. I'll do some freeride hustlin' in the weekend maybe i will run or jog to keep me fit for this weekend. Now days i have time for my Kona, so im doing technical trainig. Maybe i can show my skills in some XCO races in the future. Till than marathons over marathons. Ooooh and there is the event of events, the Maros Marathon. My favorite race of the year, cause it was my first, my first true love. I already attended and i'm practicing hard as i can to be better than last year. So this is it with this race. Thats life, if your not pro-rider you have to make it on your own, everything, sponsor, coaching etc. I'm not complaining, i like it rough :D
Till next race.

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