June 28, 2010

"Muddyeval" Marathon Medias 2010

It took i wile for gathering my thoughts about the Medias race. A lot of impressions circled in my mind after that muddy race. After getting there at  6 in the morning i waited 2 hours for the arrival of the officials. Then i  called Dan to bring my bike and until his arrivel i walked a bit around the courts to see the litle bike expo. Meanwhile i talked to other racers also about the prognose and opinion about the race. So Dan came, brought my RAM, i put it together, ran a bit wit it to see if everything's working. "Magnifico", i thought the gearshifters went well the brakes were okay, so i was ready for race. I said good bye to Dan and went to the other racers from Oradea, the Velo Sport riders. - Thanks guys for bringin me home!- Did my warm up and went to the start line. I started from the second line, lucky me! Before the start we had some medieval entertainment, with knights and bikes. 10...9...8...7.....3...2...1, Start. Went off, took a city tour about 3 km's. After that a massive climb with mud. Were in the first 20-30 riders. I was fallin back a bit cause of the mud.  My 1.9 wheels were like 2.4-2.6. I was tryin to keep my pulse at a normal level, and not to force at the begining but was hardheaded and pushed and pushed, passed by the first CP and kept on goin. There were sections were i had to push cause of the mud, but made it trough and went on. At second CP i stopped for water and to cool off my legs a bit. Had a very dirty section after that, i was just pedallin and pedallin, never cleaned the bike. After CP 3 the bike took its revenge. My gearhanger broke along with my chain. I had the hardest climb in a front of  me, 3 km of mountiiiiiin climbing . No chain no gear. Didn't want to quit so i decided to push the bike and run with it till the end. I lost a lot of time and places but finishing was my second goal, i mean Plan B. After the climb i got up the bike and went downhill. After the downhill section i had about 3km to the finish so i ran along the bike, sometimes got up the bike with on foot and pushed it with a leg, really painful. Well i arrived in the city and  ran into the finish. My cramps just killed my legs, so i stoped and laid down. I came at 39th place in my category and 93th in overall from 283 racers. Well, better luck next year, till then prepare myself for the next race.
In the right you can see a slideshow with some pictures from the race.=> => => => => => => => => =>

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