September 1, 2010

September the best

     It's on!!!!! September is here. My favorite month of the year. Two reasons for that: i was born in September and MBM is in September also :D. But if i think a  bit more, my nephew was born in September, some of my best friends also, the weather is warm enough to wear short pants, to stay out in the nature all day long without being fried, and the color of the forests is the best in autumn. This really is my month, i don't know why, i just feel better in this period of the year, mentally and physically also.  Yesterday i put a new page in my blog with the name "[To-pics]", it contains links to some interesting old school bikes but other stuff will come to. Access it and btw. don'ft forget to access the MBM logo and banner. Thanks, and have a nice September ride!

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