November 22, 2010

November riding

Last weekend was just perfect: Oradea's basketball team won in a tight game on saturday, it was nice to cheer for them. Than Sunday i went together with some Velosport riders on a trip to Padis. Unbelievable that in november you could ride in 10-15 C'. Just a fine sunday for riding the bike. Superb, almost speechless. I'll try to gather some thoughts about the trip. We didn't started too early, so the weather was already warm ... for November. We left Oradea at 11 am. After a 1,5 hour trip, we started from Pietroasa. A few minutes  we prepared ourselfs and fooled around with the guys as you can see on the pictures. Then we headed to Padis. I won't tell any deatails about the weather, its unnecessary, too beatiful, a fellow blogger went swimming for example. So we started and went on together most of the track, we took a lot of pictures, you just cant resist the sight. The track was surely somewhere else, not in this country, because a paved track like this(?), maybe it was a highway in construction phase, would be more credible. So we went on in the sunny weather till the "Bruce Lee" camping, then we took a left turn and  went to Glavoi. This was the technical section of the day. Rocky section, river crossing, steep climb, just the way i like. Thenafter we stopped at Glavoi, cleaned our spds, enjoyed our sandwiches and chocolate-bars and went back. We quipped the windstopper gear, it got chilly, and 16km downhills its way better than without. I was happy to ride in November in such a great weather. Hope to have a quick winter! 
This was all about last weekend, took me a week to write it, yet no gps map but maybe some other time, when i buy be some!
Pedal, pedal, pedal....!!!!

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