November 8, 2010

Mars of Mars's

This weekend i decided to do something different, or to do something but differently like usual. So, took my dog and went to Cj. I met up with D. from Velosport, who came also to Cj, he was visiting family. All along the past week i was planning this fun race. The arrival was ok, not to mention the train-delay of 30 min's, but this is how its done here. After arriving we headed to my sister to meet up with her and 2 of my friends, M. and G-man. G-man borrowed his bike for this race, and made one of my dream projects come true: to participate on an MTB-race with a rigid-fork+frame bike. Thanks to the race staff that they made an easy track, without to much stone or rocky sections. I wont describe the bike, let the pictures talk. First the ladies started and made 2 laps, thenafter we had our start with bit delay. I didn't expect so many riders to come. The race wasnt difficult at all, it was fun, all parts of the course. It was a walk in the park, still i couldn't resist to push a bit harder to see myself a bit racing. Had some problems with the bike, 'cause i couldn't shift gears, so i had to push the bike on the steepest part. I managed to finish the race in one piece ... the bike also, thanks again G-man. After the race we had the usual festival-meal, meat-beer-wine-bread-onion(red). It was nice to be there, good weather, good people in the mood for riding.
Thanks XCBikers, MarosSport, Eli and see you next time.
Oooh, and im now officialy a martian who pedals:D

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