May 7, 2013

Buda Maraton 2013

For this year i have a good feeling. Good things do really happen. After i got my racing bike, i also got an invitation to race in Hungary. The hungarian KROSS representative invited me to the season opening race, the Buda Maraton. As i didn't have much information about it and haven't raced outside of the country, was a bit anxious to know whats the deal with it. Called some rider friends, asked a few question and they put me in picture. Not a long race, not that technical, but joyful one. Enough for me. Some friends went also to race just in the morning before the race so, i wasn't leaving the day before as i planned.
Arrived with 2 hours before the start, got myself a special bib-number, and right after that i met with the KROSS representative Ferenc and Norbert. They introduced to the KROSS Factory Racing Team, and their own sponsored team, the Bringabanda S.C., who nicely offered me to help with the hydration. It looks like i wasn't prepared enough, a only one bottle with isotonic and 2 carbo-gels. I underestimated the track and the heat. Hopefully won't happen again. After talking to the guys went on to warm up a bit, i was surprised about the mass who arrived for the race. I didn't get any track profile from the organizers and didn't managed to do the track before the race, so couldn't choose any perfect tactic for the race. So i  went in 110% mode. After the mass line-start, which i liked the most, everybody went on full-gas, had no problem to stay the front group. I was wondering why they are keeping a slow pace, but arriving at the first climb it was clear, here it's gonna happen. Didn't knew how long it will be, and what gear i should use so i chose power pedaling. Had to change some easy gears at the top of the climb, and there it happened, the chain fell of. A few riders passed me, including the KROSS-girl. It wasn't the way i planned, she was right behind of me. Had to get off the bike and put the chain back manually. Lost about 10-15 seconds with that. Luckily it was on climb-section, otherwise i would lost more positions. After that i was back on the bike pedaling hard, going on 110%, didn't care much. I was on foreign turf so had to pedal as hard as i could, before every climb i picked a rider to go with and than to pass him on the descent. Most of the time it seemed to be a good tactic. I had many Bringabanda riders around me, so i thought i will go with them, specially with one rider who had a camelbak, bit strange in a 40km race, but the boy seemed to be a good pick. The first lap had many ups and downs, did not know were to brake, to many bushes disturbed the sight along the track. Had no chance again, only to push hard on the climbs, that were truly short and powerful climbs, oh man i liked those. Thanks again for the organizers. The first lap I've done in this kind of manner, cat and mouse run. After entering the second lap, it was one of the key point of the race, the Bringabanda staff gave me the bottle of water that i needed so much. Thank you again guys.
So i was entering the second lap with a bottle of fresh water, man that was good in the heat of the sun.
As far as a knew, this lap was the flatter one, so i tried to push harder, and managed to win some positions, but those power climbs took all of my momentum every time. Well, this is it if you do not know the track. It was a bit choking in the last
kilometers. I had a back pain too, and then the last climb came. Couldn't catch anyone, i pushed and pulled as hard as i could but my reserve was gone. Struggling on the climb to catch up some riders, someone told me that we have 50 more meters to climb, man! what a relief. 3 more pedal strokes and it was on, the last descent and sprinting till the finish. Some one caught up with me and passed me, but i felt strong and managed to pass him just before the finish. I looked down on my watch, 1:54, damn what the hell, 37kms and almost 2 hours? Soon i found out that i came 14th in my category and 38th in general out of 185 riders. Well, i came at least on the first result-page, that's good enough for the first race in Hungary.
All together it was a good race, after two resting days. Good organization, good track marking, nice people, probably i will return next year now that i know the track profile.
Many thanks to KROSS Hungary for the invitation, thanks Bringabanda SC for the technical support, thanks Csaba and Ramona for the logistics, and my all time partners and sponsors:,, NUTREND, and KROSS.

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