May 4, 2013

Faget Maraton 2013

In every season comes a race before you can't sleep. For me its one of the first races in the seasons or the nationals. The nationals are a bit away, but the Faget Marathon was held last weekend so i had some sleeping problems. Well couldn't do much about it, i was nervous, what can i say. New year, new team, new bike, new goals and lets say it, better results expected. I only saw the design of the new kit, didn't had the chance to try it on. But arriving in Cluj on day before the race, managed to take my registration pack, and later the evening my racing kit. What can i say? Gorgeous. I like the material, like how it feels, seems a bit small to me but i like it aerodynamic :D 

In the morning before the race i made my rituals, and went on sight. Was pretty hot outside, didn't do much warm up, just waited for the start, to much time without racing. At first i thought the short trackers will start separate but at the and the pulled all of us together. This part i didn't like that much. Right after the start the police car got held up, and everyone spread in hundreds of directions. What can i say, got a bit messy but in a few seconds everything got back normal, and we had a huge sprint on the tarmac towards the forest. Separate starting helps a lot to avoid start crashes. Many rookies mixed up with some assholes how just don't know how to ride in peloton, cause unpleasant events. Luckily got away with no scratches. 
Did not know in which place i'm rolling, so took the 110% tactic, as the race started with 15 km , 7 degree average climb. Was a bit uncomfortable to roll in 110% mode, but i felt ok, had some problems with some youngsters who are becoming pretty fast, but i'm not that old also, so was nice to battle. After the race we had almost only descents, here i started to have some tiny problems with my brakes. I did not manage to brake correctly before the corners and went through a few times. Soon i will upgrade them. I lost a few seconds with this problem, but as i got back on track pulled hard on the pedals and kept on going. Was a bit frustrating to lose the hard earned positions. Before the last climb my tube and pump fell of my bike and had to stop to get them. A rider passed me, as i found out later in the finish he was the winner of my category. I almost had it....damn. So back in saddle, fight goes on. The last climb is coming, but shoot!! i didn't rest a bit for it. I started on bike but could not make it on it so pushed till the end, 3 riders passed me luckily only one of them was in my category. Tried to catch him but the climb took my last reserve of energy. On the downhill i enjoyed the advantages of the 29er wheels and finished the race in 1:39, 3rd in my category and 13th overall. Almost achieved my goals, but being so close, makes me optimistic in the future.
Nice race, nice track, nice organization nice ride. 
Many thanks to my family for support, thanks Ioana for being number one fan of mine, thanks INTERTEAM for the logistics and administration, thanks NUTREND for nutritional supplements and many thanks KROSS for my awesome ride. 
See you at the 11th Buda Marathon in Budapest.

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