June 16, 2010

First time in Romania

This weekend took place the first Extreme-Triathlon race in Romania. It had to happen in Oradea. 3800 m swimming, 180km cycling and 42 running. Well i didn't participated, i was just a simple spectator,... lucky me. It was hot on Saturday, all day long, the cyclists had the toughest part of the race, and those who competed in the individual category were in the toughest situation. I saw the start of the swimming and the first finisher, a 22 year old skiny guy who later won the race(the "save the animals" guy). I took some pictures about the bikes, swimmers, cyclists. After that, i went to the finish line to wait for the cyclists. Well the skinny guy came first. No wonder, i think he was the only professional in the individual category. Some teams had, pro members, like swimmers, or runners, but this guy beat them all. He had a girlfriend, with her together they ran the marathon. I stood there and helped the runners, cheered for them and i also gave them water, oranges and what they needed from the supply table. Alltogether it was a fun day, all my respects to the competitors who took part of this event. Till next year. Here some of my shots.

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