June 23, 2010

On the road part II

22:05, i did the track profile on a piece of paper, at 23:09 i was already in bed. 1:50 am, wake up call. Ate a banana, washed my face, brushed my teeth, called a cab and went to the train station. Took the ticket got up the train. No sleep on the train. 6.07 am the train arrived at Medias. The weather was awful, rain, that means mud on the track.
At the train station saw a biker with a bike, thought to stop him. He was a 19 year old boy from Resita, a rider with licence, Dani C. was his name. He didn't knew the start location so i helped him out, we had 2 hours till the officials arrival so we talked about past present and future and about mountain biking. I really admired him as he was 19 year old and already sponsored, and contracted to a club. Respect man. In this country you hardly can make it till here. I think he's a promising rider, he later confirmed my assumption and came in 2nd place. So the hours went by, we took a nap about 5 minutes. After we got up the sun came out and the weather turn in to summer. Dan brought me my bike. Thank you again. I assembled it and took my warm up laps up and down the streets.

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